2016 Summer Olympics

We asked you:


If you could do any olympic sport, what would it be?

  • “I’d love to be an Olympic gymnast! I love watching the USA women’s gymnastics team,” -freshman Becca Meyer
  • “If I had to choose it’d probably have to be gymnastics, everything they do is so graceful and amazing and I couldn’t watch without wanting to be a part of the final five,” -sophomore Rebekah Nelson
  • “I would do gymnastics because I have always loved how the girls just move and glide through the air,” -senior Nicole Engelken
  • “I would do Gymnastics! I’ve been involved in the sport ever since I was three years old. In my opinion, I think elite gymnastics is the hardest sport in the world. It involves being mentally and physically tough. The athletes that are able to get the this level are incredible,” -senior Carli McCloud

What is your favorite part of the Olympics?

  • “My favorite part is just watching the different athletes compete against each other especially in the finals because it’s the best seeing them go up against each other,” -junior Jesus Reyes
  • “My favorite part is seeing how happy all the medalists are,” -sophomore Baylor Stahly
  • “My favorite part of the Olympics is seeing how the U.S. compares to other countries in athletics.” -junior Bryan Cusick
  • “My favorite part of the Olympics would have to be soccer or gymnastics. I really enjoy watching them both. But the memory that stands out the most was watching the French gymnast break his leg… gross,” -junior Mackenzie Parsons