CNA class learns new techniques

Atlanta Lopez

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May 13, 2019
Waiting for further instructions, seniors Amanda Smith and Hector Camacho look at their hands.

On Jan. 30, CNA students learn how to properly put on gloves, gowns and masks during their CNA class. Everyday, the CNA students meet in room ___ for their class during 7th hour. The instructor, Jamie Shuler, had an activity planned for the class that day. To learn how to properly put on materials, Shuler decided to try them out.

¨I was confused at first because the materials were see through so you know a liquid would be able to seep through and onto you. Putting on the masks and gloves as well was a fun experience though and gives a prevue to our future jobs,¨ said junior Brittany Manley.

After learning how to properly put on their gowns, masks, and gloves, Shuler went around the classroom and put mustard in each of the students hands. The purpose of this task was for the students to try and take off their gloves the right way without getting mustard on their hands.

¨I hate mustard so I thought it was disgusting, but it definitely made us take our PPE (personal protective equipment) off the right way so we didn’t get the mustard on ourselves,¨said junior Kelsie Verbeek.

The CNA students wrapped up their lesson with learning how to properly remove their gown and mask and how to dispose of the items in the correct way.

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