Ceramics 2 & 3

Emily Brandt

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Seniors Rebeca Raymundo, Rebekah Nelson and Quinn Rhodes work on the wheel in Ceramics 2 & 3.

For some people, making art and the act of creating can be a way of expressing themselves. Ceramics 2 & 3 is one course that offers that opportunity.

“I liked the idea of molding things with my hands and making 3D physical structures, and I thought it looked therapeutic,” senior Quinn Rhodes said.

Many students enjoy this class as a way to learn a new skill. Some students use this time as an independent study to work on improving various art skills.

“Right now we’re only in Ceramics 1. So, we don’t really have the advanced skills like everyone else,” senior Rebekah Nelson said. “We’re really just focusing on getting that extra time on the wheel and having the opportunity to make what we want. By the end of the year my goal is to come out it with one solid cereal bowl and a mug for morning tea. I’m excited to play around with glaze colors and patterns.”

Students work on throwing techniques on the wheel as well as making miniature house sculptures out of clay.

“[My favorite part is] physically getting to mold. I’ve made a realistic looking cat skull with my hands and it was very cool. I think right now I’m really enjoying getting on the wheel and just learning how to maneuver it in that way,” Rhodes said.