Steps to make the best out of Black Friday shopping

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  • Do your research the day of or night before, make a list
  • Prioritize your shopping list
    • Find the most important items and walk to that department first
  • Have a backup plan
    • If the item you want isn’t there keep going down the list
  • Be sure to take someone
    • Work together to both get what you’re looking for
  • Price check online and in-store 
  • If the item isn’t on the shelves, ask
    • Stores sometimes keep extras in storage
  • Plan which stores are worth it, and which are secondary
  • Don’t attempt to price match
    • Stores like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart suspend it during Black Friday
  • Check online
    • Many stores put items on sale before Black Friday 
  • Black Friday isn’t just Christmas presents
    • If you know of a big event coming soon, buy for the occasion
  • Get to the stores early and beat the mobs
    • If you absolutely cant pass the large stores up, come to the store early and be prepared to grab
  • If you cant make it early, come out late
    • Stores may also offer late shopper deals in addition to the early bird deals
  • Follow the list and the budget
    • If you pay in cash and leave the cards at home it prevents useless spending
  • Know that doorbusters are usually limited to 25-100 items per store.
  • Make sure the item is really worth the purchase on Black Friday
    • Consider if the item will drop in price even more towards Christmas
  • Be sure to know the return policy
    • Many stores return policy is limited to 30 days, after that they wont accept items purchased on Black Friday as returns
  • Don’t use carts, use reusable bags
    • Carts are too hard to maneuver through the crowds
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