Maddie T-Shirt Making

Starting on Oct. 1,  DECA began making shirts in support for junior Maddie Edson and her family. The fundraiser for Edson has raised over 1,000 dollars and has sold over 80 shirts.

Senior John Wells, a DECA member, designed the shirts and helped manufacture them.

“Well, the first thing you do is print it out on some paper,” Wells said. “Then you transfer it, press it, take it off, let it cool down, peel it off and then press it again to make it not shiny which is also known as matting it.”

Senior Austin Lehrman also helped manufacture and deliver the shirts to students around the school. He admits he is impressed by the amount of support there is for Edson.

“I mean look at how much we’ve raised,” Lehrman said. “Kids from all over [are buying them]. Not just one clique of kids it’s everyone. Even people who don’t know who Maddie is.”

DECA will continue to sell shirts and distribute them to students.

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