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From Oct 6 to Nov 16, Venus will move from Libra to Scorpio, find the horoscope that includes your birthday to find out how it will affect you.


This month, be very careful with changes in your appearance and home, as these can go wrong very easily during the retrograde. You may be feeling very open for new experiences and people, just be sure that you aren’t stepping on anyone’s feelings.


During this month, with your ruling planet, Venus, in retrograde, you may be left feeling ready for a change in your surroundings. But be warned– if you choose to invest money and energy into this switch, things may not come out as intended.


Ruled by the house and planet of communication, Geminis should be very careful with their close relationships this month. Venus in Scorpio’s sign can make new friendships and relationships difficult but gives you a perfect time for nostalgia.


This retrograde may leave you feeling unconnected from your family and close friends. Because Cancer and Venus are both ruled by femininity, this retrograde will leave many feeling unconnected to that side of themselves. But once Venus shifts back into Libra, that energy will return.


Wow Leo, dramatic much? You should approach this retrograde with caution and enhanced care toward your loved ones. The retrograde enhances your need to be in the moment, but make sure your friends aren’t feeling left out of your circle this month.


You’re usually so careful and cautious, Virgo, but with Venus in Scorpio, you might feel muddled in places where you usually feel calm and collected. Allow yourself time to take a deep breath and organize everything.


While your ruling planet is in retrograde, you may be left feeling confused or misplaced, but it will be over when Venus shifts back into Libra on Nov. 16. While you usually rule in relationships and friendships, your loved ones might be left feeling unimportant to you this month. Be careful, Libra.


With Venus in Scorpio, completely unlike Cancer, you may feel an overwhelming surge of feminine energy. While this isn’t negative, you may be feeling extra sensitive until Venus shifts back to Libra. Be patient with your Cancer friends.


Normally such a moral-focused sign, Venus’ retrograde leaves you feeling separated from your self-made moral code. During this month, you should reflect on the past and examine all the adventures you have had, especially those surrounded by nature.


While you usually put much of your personal worth and importance into the honors and awards you have received, use this retrograde to reassess what success means to you. You might feel more feminine energy enter your life this month. Be gentle with yourself, Capricorn.


Usually an eccentric, spontaneous sign, during this retrograde you should be careful with your decisions. Unintended outcomes are more likely during this time, so make sure you always have a backup plan.


Endings are hard, especially during this retrograde, which makes ending things feel so much more complicated. Whether it is a project or relationship, approach tying up loose ends very cautiously but make sure you don’t get caught up in the nostalgia.