Theater Workshop – August 29

Freshman Stephanie Castillo points to somebody coming in to the auditorium to join the theater workshop group.

Tony Lemus

The drama department started the year with a theater workshop to help new students understand what it is like to audition for a musical or play. This workshop included different parts of an audition. At the beginning of the workshop, everybody was split into two groups and were separated. One group practiced singing while the other practiced reading lines. After both groups rotated, they got to get to practice what they learned in front of everybody in the auditorium. “It gave me a sense of what the audition would be like,” said sophomore Creed Ekerberg after the audition for the upcoming ‘Godspell’ musical. “They taught me not only about the reading and singing part but also how to present myself and what to say when introducing myself. If I hadn’t taken the workshop, it would have been like going in blind.” Ekerberg landed a role in the musical and claims the workshop was a key factor to him getting it.

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