Third annual Community Pep Rally takes place, attendees share thoughts

Natalie Kuhn, Reporter

Fall sports kick off with a Community Pep Rally to display our teams and involve the community in school athletics. Students, parents, and other community members enjoyed free hot dogs, along with performances by the Railiners, cheer team, band, and drumline.

Freshman Joel Franz

Q- What do you think they could do better in future years?

A- I think something they could do better is get more community members involved

Q- How do you think they could do that?

A- I think to do more advertising around school and a lot like stuff on Main street advertising to the general public.


Principal Lisa Moore

Q- What are some changes you would like to make?

A- To this event? So one of the things Mr. Becker and I talked about is somehow or another wrapping this whole thing in with fall fest over at the stadium. But the nice thing about the downtown pep rally is it brings it downtown but I’m not sure we really get any participation from downtown other than, you know, our parents who also attend Fall Fest but it’s just a different venue for the kids son I don’t know.

Q-  Have you guys tossed around any ideas to get more of the community involved?

A- Yes, so Mrs. Rangle is on the chamber. And so she’s had lots of conversations with the chamber about tying in their relationships, business relationships with Newton High School and I know there’s several people like Amanda buffalo she’s the mom to Chandler Buffalo, so she’s trying to also build that relationship between downtown businesses and Newton High School.