Administration limits student section

As basketball season has progressed, it has become more apparent that the student section has lost its intensity when it comes to hyping up the teams. Of course the point of a student section during games is to create not only a distraction for the opposing team but to hype everyone up by being loud, dressing up for themes and chanting. Due to restrictions from administration, this has become more difficult.

It seems like in recent years the administration has become more strict than they have been in past years. We are now being told we cannot say numbers or names, whether they are on the court or not, and we cannot chant common things like “scoreboard” because it supposedly calls out the other team. Saying things to distract the other team is part of being a student section.

At the same point, we as students need to build a trustworthy relationship with administration by avoiding things that are clearly not okay to say, including foul language, racial slurs and words with the intentions of hurting someone. By doing this, we will make it less likely that administration will restrict us more.

When more limitations are put on the student section, it makes it increasingly more difficult for the student section to get involved. In order to be ranked higher in the student section rankings, we must be creative and unique, but that can be hard with so many restrictions. This also weakens us as a whole and the student section numbers have began to drop because of it.

One of our main goals as Do-Crew officers is to be in the top ten, if not top five, of the student section rankings. At the end of the day, we as officers just want to create the type of student section that every team hates and that every student wishes they could be apart of.