Booster club supports local athletics, buys equipment

Emma Pulaski

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Beyond the Game
December 17, 2018

The Athletic Booster Club has contributed to the high school and middle school sports programs by raising money and purchasing needed athletic equipment. An average of $20,000 to $30,000 is donated annually, depending on what is requested from teams.

The Booster Club fundraises by selling apparel at sporting events and ads to local businesses. The money they receive goes back to sports teams whose needs are not covered by the district’s budget.

“Ultimately, every single dollar we raise goes towards Newton athletics,” club co-president Lance Claassen said. “Anytime we can help out with anything, we try not to turn it away.”

Boosters meet to report on athletics that are currently in season and express any concerns. Athletic director Brian Becker informs members of what coaches are requesting in terms of equipment or clothing.

Co-president Carrie Claassen alongside Lance organize behind-the-scenes aspects of Newton athletics, with items like schedule posters and fan apparel.

As of right now, membership is low, but the large amount of advertisers help the club raise money and continue supporting athletics. This year, the Booster Club has purchased practice jerseys for boys basketball, new blocks for swim and has donated money towards new gymnastics mats and more.

“The kids like to have nice stuff and I like for them to have nice stuff. We were really appreciative of the Booster Club to be willing to help us out.” basketball coach Andy Hill.

The Booster Club plans to provide for spring sports as those requests emerge, and are committed to always helping out where needed.
“Now, knowing what all they do and what they contribute, I don’t think we wouldn’t be apart of the Booster Club.” Carrie said.