Malin: faithful Railer sports announcer

Meya Green

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Ralph Malin has been coined the “Voice of the Railers” after announcing at Newton sporting events for over 30 years. He has also been actively involved in athletics through coaching positions.

“Well, it’s a nice sounding title. It is nothing I have been elected to or anything like that, it’s just that I have done it for a lot of years. Some people know that, a lot of people don’t,” Malin said.

Malin, along with announcing home games over the years, has also coached basketball, cross country and track.

“Being a coach for many years while I was still teaching made me very much into athletics and sports. Newton High School means a lot to me,” Malin said.

Malin announces at multiple different sports, including basketball, football, girls softball, TOC, and track.

“I think I’ve done football for 37 years and basketball 35, a couple less because it was after I stopped coaching,” Malin said.

Malin does not remember how he first encountered the announcer position, however, since he had been active in the Newton school district for so long (coaching and teaching at Chisholm Middle School) it sounded like a good fit for him. He said he is dedicated to doing the best job he can and being reliable.

“I guess just being dependable. I’ve very seldom ever missed. I don’t think I’ve ever missed for being sick; there were few times when I was out of town for a family occasion. So, I think I have been very dependable. You also have to have knowledge of the sport you have to know the terminology for each sport,” Malin said.

As long as they need an announcer, Malin said he will be the man to do it.

“I just enjoy doing it and as long as they want me, I enjoy it and I guess I would keep doing it,” Malin said.