Fawcett begins as new assistant principal

Kaete Schmidt

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Ellen Garrett

Assistant principal Jason Fawcett is having a conversation with CTE director and Railer Academy assistant principal Melinda Rangel after school on Sept. 1. Fawcett began as assistant principal in July for the 2017-18 school year.

Every year, the high school gains many new teachers and staff members. In fact, this year the high school gained 11 new staff members including, Jason Fawcett filling the assistant principal vacancy.

Fawcett moved to this area to be closer to family, stumbled upon the job opening and decided to apply for it. He has previously worked as a teacher at the Hugoton Middle School. From there he moved onto being the head football and track coach and athletic director in Fowler, Kan. After that, he quit coaching and instead became the principal for the 7-12 building in Fowler. Then, for the last seven years, he was the assistant principal as well as athletic director at Andale High School.

“Kids are basically kids at any school. This is the largest school I’ve ever worked at and It’s a little more, I would say, hectic and fast-paced just because there is 1000 kids in the building as opposed to a little less than 500 at my last school and so it moves a little quicker,” Fawcett said.

Fawcett graduated from Southwestern Heights in Kismet, Kan. After that, he proceeded to attend Northwestern Oklahoma State where he got his college degree followed by Fort Hays State University where he received his master’s degree.

Throughout Fawcett’s schooling and now his job in education, he has always been very grateful for the teachers and everyone else that has helped him succeed.
“I don’t think there is one person in particular that I look up to. There has been lots of great teachers and when I was younger there were older teachers that taught me a lot of good things. There is just so many great people in the profession of education to just narrow it down to just one,” Fawcett said.