Moore hopes for positive impact from building changes

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While students were enjoying summer break, many changes took place throughout the high school. These changes included the bathroom renovation, resurfacing the track, waxing the gym floors, adding more water bottle filling stations, renovating the parking lot and adding the black tables in the hallways. Principal Mrs. Moore explains her excitement about these changes.

“We added the tables and chairs in the halls. Those are for chromebook charging stations but the kids love them. I love to go out there and sit at those big tall tables just whenever I feel like it because I can see everything that’s going on and people walk by and it’s just a nice height,” Moore said.

Although all of these changes make a big difference, Moore believes the most necessary changes were the bathroom renovation and resurfacing the track. Both of which haven’t been done in many years.

“I don’t think any renovation [to the bathrooms] has been done since they were built. 40 some years ago probably,” Moore said. “I bet it’s been within the last 10 or 12 years [since the track was resurfaced] but it’s been awhile.”

As well as these changes that were necessary, some of the changes were brand new ideas. This includes the parking lot which was officer Littlejohn’s idea. The parking lot now contains 30 parking spots for parents, eight parking spots for subs and directional arrows.

“He [officer Littlejohn] wanted some parking stalls for parents so they would get all of the parents off of 12th street and to change that traffic pattern. So then he came in and I painted all of the parent stalls and he and I painted all of the white arrows,” Moore said.

Moore hopes all of the new changes to the high school will make a great difference to the students and affect them in a positive way. Other changes for the year includes new personal Chromebook devices for all students as well as their own lanyard for their school IDs.

“I think kids always like new stuff and hopefully they will respect new stuff. That would be my expectation,” Moore said.