Coaches, athletes overcome rain challenge

Since the beginning of the spring season, the rainy weather has made it difficult for the teams to practice on the field, on the court or on the course.

For some sports, practicing has been more demanding than others. The rain did not interfere that much for the tennis team. Instead, they just had to move some practices inside to take advantage of the hallway and work on conditioning and hand-eye coordination.

“For athletes it’s often discouraging if we get repeated days of rain and we have to be inside all the time,” assistant coach Grant Scott said. “They would rather much be outside on the court hitting balls.”

The golf team has been challenged since no place is big enough for the entire team. They occasionally meet in the classroom and work on rules, but improving the technique is hard without being out on the court practicing.

Most of the work is about managing the places available inside the school and cooperating with other teams. The softball and baseball teams are communicating practice times to share the use the gym. The softball team tried to practice off location in a facility that is often not available because it is also being used by other teams in Newton.

Even though the teams are stuck inside the end of the season is still May and they must get games and practice in.

“We team build the best we can with the situation that is available and we prepare,” softball head coach Danny Parks said. “At the end of the day, it is about getting into regionals; getting into state doesn’t affect us a lot; it’s frustration more than anything.”

Rescheduling games affects the athletes more than the coaches. For the students who work, managing their time during the week becomes complicated. Because of rescheduling, varsity tennis had two meets back to back. When this happens, athletes are unable to rest and recover.

Golf tournaments gather teams from several schools, so when a meet is postponed it can be difficult to find a date that accommodates everyone. One of their meets is rescheduled for May 8, more than a month later than the original date.

“When you’re trying to get everyone ready for the end of the season it’s hard if we don’t have competitions to see how we do,” golf assistant coach Duane Knoll said.

Canceling a game is an option that the coaches try to avoid and they try to pick up what they missed during the season, since games and meets are important for the students.

“We don’t like the idea of not scheduling,” Parks said. “The girls work hard at practice and everything else whether is varsity or JV. They are at practice everyday; they are putting work in, their reward is playing in the game.”