Students compare positives, negatives of new bell schedule

Skylar Botterweck

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According to a study done by American Economic Review, students who miss class increase their odds of having a poor grade in class and the new bell schedule is helping avoid this problem. Student athletes miss core classes because of game days sometimes as much as twice a week, by having seminar every day we can reduce the amount of core classes students miss.

Seminar every day also allows students to finish that day’s homework at school, making it less difficult for them to get help on anything they do not understand and leaving free time in their evenings. says that the more often new information is seen and reviewed, the more likely it is to go into long term memory. Having seminar every day will make it easier for students to have time to review. Students will also have seventh hour daily. This will allow them to study the material on a day-to-day basis. Which in turn, should increase their grades.

The new bell schedule will also give everyone an earlier start to the day, this will allow students and staff to get out of school earlier on a daily basis. Instead of getting out at 3:30 every day, students will now be able to get out at 3:05.

Getting out 25 minutes earlier will make it easier for high school students to pick up their siblings who may attend other schools in Newton, still giving students enough time to drop them off at school in the morning, if not attending a zero hour.

It may allow extracurricular activities to start sooner. The sooner they start, the earlier they will be able to get done. This will make it less complicated for more time to be spent at home in the evenings.

In addition, students will get out of school at 2:10 every Wednesday. An earlier release will make it easier for students to get caught up for the rest of their week. It may also make it less difficult for students with after school jobs to be able to get more hours in at work.

Be open minded when seeing the new schedule. Think about all of the things that it can help students and staff with, not just the fact that getting out of bed at 8:00 in the morning will no longer work.