NHS’ favorite dupes

Sophomore Natalie Cassants converse dupe.

Mateya McCord

Sophomore Natalie Cassants converse dupe.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, a dupe is a look-alike or duplicate product made to look like a more expensive product, more popular or a more high-quality product. It’s an “off-brand” product.

Even popular snacks, such as Oreos, can have dupes. Newton High school science teacher, Emerie Hall, bought a couple of packs of the Walmart brand of Oreos, Twist & Shout chocolate sandwich cookies, which taste exactly like the real thing. Hall got the cookies right next to regular Oreos. When asked, Hall said she bought the Twist & Shout cookies because you can get more for cheaper.

“Better bang for your buck,” Hall said. “More for less price and they essentially taste like Oreos.”

Sophomore Natalie Cassant has a pair of shoes that look almost identical to Converse high-tops. Cassant bought these shoes because she saw them in a store she shops at frequently and liked the style better than the “go-to” Converse.

“I had a gift card to go to American Eagle, and they were cheaper and they were cuter,” Cassant said. “I like that the shoes are split down the middle, and I have never had shoes that have different colors on both sides. I also like how they are quite comfortable.”

Senior Stephanie Valdivia uses a lot of dupe makeup products. She loves Elf products, which is a brand that has gained a lot of attention with dupe products. Valdivia explains which products she likes and uses the most.

“The Milk hydrated grip primer is more expensive than the Elf primer. The Elf primer is cheaper and works the same. For the Fenty beauty glow foundation; Elf came out with one exactly like it for cheaper.” Valdivia said. “I love Elf because they are affordable, cheap and long-lasting.”