Opinion: KU VS KSU

Kansas State University

The time for committing to colleges is coming up and with the price of out-of-state tuition, many upcoming graduates need to find the best school in their home state. I believe Kansas State University is the best college to attend in the state of Kansas. In comparison to its rival university, Kansas University, K-State’s overall tuition price is slightly cheaper.

“You kind of start having your own communities when you’re there,” history teacher Elizabeth Gunn said.

Money plays a large role that helps determine where a student attends college. According to College Tuition Compare, KSU offers 73%t financial aid while KU offers 70%.KSU offers many programs and opportunities at lower prices compared to KU. 

KSU and KU are almost identical in their technical rankings such as their admissions, costs and academics according to CollegeSimply.

“Everything you do and everyone you see that went to K-State, feels like a family,” Senior Eliza Epp said.

Aside from the technical comparisons, something that is important to me is feeling at home in a city where I will be spending four years in. KSU brings a true family environment within all of its various activities such as sporting events, theatre productions and alumni involvement. 

Manhattan is a smaller town of nearly 55,000 people while Lawrence is about 95,000. A smaller town offers a more family-based environment, you can feel like a part of a family rather than just another number. You really start to feel that energy when you have the opportunity to attend a K-State game. 

K-State gamedays are like no other, people come to support the cats from all over Kansas. This was very evident at the 2022 Sugar Bowl events in which K-State fans traveled all the way to New Orleans. According to ksnt, over 10,000 fans filled the New Orleans Convention Center for the K-State pregame pep rally. Although it was raining that day, K-State fans lined up the streets for the Sugar Bowl Parade in downtown New Orleans. While attending the parade I was able to feel the true family environment that everyone talks so highly about. The KSU fan base is different from rival schools, fans are crazy about the school and it’s truly a family atmosphere. 


University of Kansas 

Kansas brings many options for college, from the University of Kansas to Wichita State University and a wide variety of community or smaller colleges. Being a senior it seemed overwhelming with all these in-state options but one college has shown through Kansas University. KU offers over 190 different undergraduate majors, over 600 student clubs and organizations and has been in the Final Four 16 different times.

“I use to live about 15 minutes from Lawrence. I went to games with my grandpa when I was growing up,” counselor Jaime Moses said.

KU brings a different, more inclusive environment while still staying in a state like Kansas. Kansas University was voted the best college in Kansas according to Niche. KU has a better graduation rate than other schools such as K-State. There is a good mix of online classes and on-campus courses. 

 Location for college is big when trying to think of where you want to go. The town of  Lawrence is an inclusive college town that has a vibrant shopping life, diverse area of social groups and a great selection for when you are wanting to listen to live music. KU has 1,000 acres of land, with hills that allow students to sit and study while watching the sunset. K-State has a less diverse campus, with KU having a rate of 32 percent diversity while k state holds a 21 percent diversity rate.

“They have a very good culture, it’s really fun to go to their basketball games,” junior Brooklynn Black said.

For the next four years, I hope to get an undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas for journalism. KU holds an amazing journalism program that allows students to get hands-on experience in their programs. KU offers scholarships for different majors, you can earn multiple scholarships by applying to the school of journalism. KU hands out scholarships with a max of a full ride or $20,000. KU and Lawrence as a whole have a homey feel with a diverse student population.