Students discuss sending christmas cards

According to Hallmark, Christmas is the holiday when Americans send the most cards, with 1.3 billion being sent yearly in the United States. Christmas cards are a meaningful thing for people to receive because it shows the receiver of the card that the sender cares about them, especially if they are handwritten.

Fifty percent of Newton High school students who were surveyed send Christmas cards and the other 50 percent do not. Freshman Bradley Porras-Zaragoza sends Christmas cards to their family.

“We care about each other very much and we want to keep each other happy; we also want to make stronger bonds with each other. Besides, when it comes to family, money does not matter,” Porras-Zaragoza said.

Freshman Rieley Wilson enjoys sending Christmas cards to nursing homes to make someone’s day.

“Occasionally we send out cards to [the] elderly in nursing homes. I don’t know why, just that it makes me feel happy about it, knowing that I’m trying to make this world a nicer place,” Wilson said.

Christmas cards are an exciting thing for people to write to their loved ones. It’s good to think about sending cards to people for joy. Junior Reese McCord said she would like to send a Christmas card to her good friend, who passed away, if she could.

“I would send a Christmas card to Kilar because I miss and love her so much,” McCord said. “I would put on the card that I can’t wait to see her again.”

According to Shutterfly, the point of Christmas cards are to make someone smile during the holiday season
Junior Mckinley Mueller said she would like to send a Christmas card to Abby Lee Miller. Miller is most known for being the owner of the featured dance studio on the show Dance Moms.

“She needs some Christmas joy, ” Mueller said.

Junior Kayla Nicholson would send a Christmas card to her past self if she could.

“[I would send one to] my past self,” Nicholson said. “So I could tell her to enjoy her Christmas as a kid.”