Coaches Corner: Park looks to improve Railer softball for second year

Aydan Rolph

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Varsity softball coach Dan Park has coached for 15 years, 13 of those years being at Valley Center and two of them in Newton. He played baseball from the age of six on through high school where he attended Pine Ridge High School in Chadron Nebraska. While in the Navy he attended several different colleges. Many of his coaches growing up inspired him to be a respectable man and coach while he looks up to women like Michelle Waller of Valley Center and Teri Larson of Maize South in the game of softball.

How do you motivate your players?
Truth and sarcasm- I try to not focus on the individual, but rather their contribution to the team.

What are you looking to change this year?
What I really liked from last year is I really felt like we gave it all we had. I think last year we showed little glimpses of how good we could be. This year I’d like to put it all together for an entire game. That’s probably the big difference.

What are some things you are worried about for this season?
Competing on a regular basis. We don’t have any easy games this year and we have to make sure we mentally show up to all of them.

What is your coaching philosophy?
I call myself a player’s coach. I try to interact with the players. I try to be honest with them and real with them. I don’t pull any punches, I don’t sugar coat it. I try to tell people what they need to do and where they are at.