2nd Clubs – Mar. 6

Kamryn Archibald

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Students in Veg Out! Club sit with their club sponsor Shari Sloan.

On Mar. 6, students met with their 2nd clubs during seminar for the only time this quarter. Starting this school year, clubs meet quarterly instead of by monthly causing 1st and 2nd clubs to meet 4 times each throughout the school year. Clubs such as Azteca, Chemistry, Veg! Out, and Ping Pong met this day.

The seniors in Azteca club thought of a carnival activity and or competition for the members to participate in during 2nd clubs. At the end, members got prizes depending on how many tickets they had received.

“It was a good and fun way to bond since it was a competition and since some of my friends are in the club”, sophomore Leticia Hernandez-Estupinan said.  

Junior David Pomeroy enjoys ping pong club because it is an opportunity to connect with friends and to improve many skills while learning something new.

I took the opportunity to learn various ways of hitting a ping-pong ball to destroy my opponent during the club,” Pomeroy said.