1st Clubs

Sophomore Cynthia Torres making crafts.

First clubs are held once every nine weeks all around the school. On Feb.21 students attended their designated first clubs to hang out with their friends and play games.  And even though many clubs ended up not meeting, clubs such as ping pong, drone club and spanish club. Ping pong club has been a hit ever since it was created by juniors Ezekiel Thompson, Jonah Schloneger and Miguel Molina Chavez. Students such as junior Ethan Jackson enjoy the club because its a fun way to hang out with his friends.

“I like yoga club because I’ve actually made a lot of new friends in yoga and it’s just overall a fun club,” Jackson said.

Spanish club typically meets in the commons and usually play games, eat/make food or have fun crafts to do. This time is spanish club they made little posters and decorated to later hang them on the wall.

“I love making crafts and stuff so I always have so much fun with my friends in spanish club,” sophomore Cynthia Torres said.

Drone club usually walks around the school learning how to fly the drone and also learning more about drones in general. During drone club this time sophomore Nicholas Sanchez was by himself in flying the drone around the school.

“It was fun to get to walk around and chill by myself,” Sanchez said.


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