Valentines Activities 2/12

Emily Brandt

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Working on their love coupons, freshmen Liam Hill and Jacob Antle write phrases in French.

On Feb. 12, just a few days before Valentine’s Day, some classes used the holiday as an opportunity to learn in a different themed way.

Sarah Ouis’ French I class worked on making Valentines coupons for loved ones. Students wrote notes in French to learn more about the French holiday La Saint Valentine. Sophomore Rylee Hulse gave some of the coupons to her family members. 

“[Projects like this] help me learn better. I’m more of a hands on person so it helps me learn the language more,”  Hulse said. 

Students also got to decorate tissue boxes for Valentine’s Day with flowers and paper. Since this is her first year teaching here, Ouis wasn’t able to make a list of supplies needed for the year, so this was a good way for her to gather tissues for her class while also teaching her students. 

Working together in their kitchen groups, Kim Powell’s Culinary Essentials class learned how to make chocolate covered strawberries and decorate pretzel sticks with melted chocolate. Students could either keep them as a Valentine to themselves, or give them away as gifts. Senior Marielena Licea chose to share some with her boyfriend. 

“I like how we get to bake cookies all the time [in Culinary Essentials], but my favorite was the chocolate covered strawberries, and I hope we do something like that again,” Licea said.