Newton be Nice puts focus on kindness throughout district

Kaete Schmidt, Reporter

Newton Be Nice is a first-time event that will be held on Feb. 17 during the high school basketball games and will include free games and activities put on by Chisholm, Santa Fe and Newton High School students and staff.
FCCLA will be doing a cake walk, Spanish Club is going to do a monster rock wall, JAG group is going to be putting on an activity and StuCo will be giving out candy and doing other random acts of kindness during that week.
“We are providing wristbands for elementary and middle school students for free admission to the game. We will also have some wrist bands for the high school but none of the activities will cost anything. You pay to get into the game and the activities are free,” counselor Jana Crittenden said.
Along with free activities, there will also be free food offered to a limited amount of people.
“At 5:45 p.m. we’re going to start serving hot dogs that are donated from various places in the community and they’ll be free to the first 500 people,” social worker Jeanne Harper said.
While clubs will be providing activities for this event, it is also being sponsored by Birdies Against Bullies, the Rotary Club of Newton’s annual golf tournament.
“We have all of the school counselors and social workers from the school district. The Birdies Against Bullying is contributing and then there are also some folks that have donated items,”Crittenden said.
The district counselors and social workers made the decision to hold this event during a meeting at the beginning of this year. The date was chosen because it is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. The event was planned because the staff members wanted a more positive approach and to promote kindness and generosity. If the event goes well, the district hopes to make it an annual event to help promote kindness every year.