Faithful Railer fans memorable for their dedication to athletics

Aydan Rolph

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Haley Southern

Norm Lichte analyzes home railer boys basketball game. “[I still go because of] the enjoyment I get from it. I’m having fun,” Lichte said.

While many parents attend sporting events that their children participate in during their high school careers, very few parents frequent these games even after their child has left the school. However, no parent has attended more games after their child’s high school career than Kay Self.

“Gosh, let’s say 100+, and that’s just basketball games,” Kay Self said.

Self has attended every home basketball game possible in the past 15 years, provided she didn’t have work. Her recent retirement has freed her up to attend even more.

Kay Self shows continuing support for railers in recent basketball game. “I’ve been to every home game for the last 15 years, if I haven’t been working,” Self said.

“I am an official Newton High School cheerleader to the max,” Self said.

Self’s daughter graduated in 2005, however Kay couldn’t stay away from Railer athletics.

“When I go, I feel like a kid again, I love the pulse and energy of the school,” Self said.

Self also attends football games, but with less frequency than basketball games.

“I always sit three rows behind the players bench, that’s my place,” Self said.

Self is especially impressed with new coach Andy Hill.

“Andy Hill is doing great things here, his players are so scrappy,” Self said.

Kay’s daughter, Kelly, was a Railiner during her time at Newton, and Kay still keeps a close eye on the Railiners.

“The Newton Railiners are exceptional I love the Railiners skill, confidence and energy! They are athletes,” Self said.

Another frequent visitor of Railer athletics is Norm Lichte, a former math teacher at Newton.

“I was a teacher there starting in ‘98-’99, and I’ve been attending regularly since then,” Lichte said.

Lichte tries to go to every basketball game, home and away, and tries to attend as many baseball games as he can. Norm loved the connection he was able to make with his students.

“It was the relationship with the students, attending games was a way to build relationships with them,” Lichte said.

Norm has seen several special moments in the games he has attended, however one moment stands above the rest.

“[My favorite moment was when] the girls won the state basketball championship in 2006,” Lichte said.

Despite no longer teaching, Norm still enjoys going to basketball games and rooting on the Railers.

“[I still go because of] the enjoyment I get from it. I’m having fun,” Lichte said.