Millennial most often used as curse word

Erica Beebe

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The word “millennial” has certainly been thrown around during the last election and in politics lately. This word, which is merely used to describe a generation of people, has taken on a negative connotation. Some have started to say this generation is lazy, materialistic and have a sense of self entitlement. What these name callers might not know is how much of an impact these “kids” will have on their future.

According to, Millennials will make up half of the global workforce by 2050. This generation is bound together by the fact that they are coming of age in the middle of a severe financial crisis, and will have a hard time getting on their feet. Millennials suffered higher unemployment than any other group during the recession, and their wages also fell more than any other.

Additionally, in a survey done by Northwest Mutual, millennials have a heightened sense of anxiety because they’re living in a world of conflict. This generation has seen many horrific events at a young age including the Columbine school shootings, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and many more.

History proves that most millennials lean left, as in, most young people are liberal. These youth have a strong sense that America needs a moral rebirth. This is the generation that started the “Black Lives Matter” movement and continues to try to uncover injustice and immorality. Young people don’t just feel that they have been given a disadvantage economically, but also socially and politically.

Despite the not-so-encouraging words this generation sometimes receives from their predecessors, studies show that these young people still tend to be ambitious for their futures. Millennials also prove to have very close relationships with friends and family. Millennials have been present for the advancement of new technology and the growth of social media. While seen as a bad thing, the world will benefit from these advancements in the future. This generation has started a revolution that expands with every retweet and share. The word “Millennial” should not be seen as derogatory but as empowering and encouraging to each individual in the generation.