Cow Eye Dissection 1/24

Emily Brandt

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Sophomore Georgia Garcia discusses the project with her partner, sophomore McKennah Cusick.

On Jan. 24, Frederick Schmidt’s first hour Human Body Systems class dissected cow eyeballs. Students were instructed to cut the eyeball in half and identify different parts of the eye and structures inside. 

This class offers many hands-on opportunities of learning. Throughout the year, this class will participate in other dissections such as dissecting a sheep brain, a sheep heart, and a large scale dissection of a fetal pig. 

“It was kinda gross at first because the chemicals they put on it don’t smell very good. But, it was cool because you actually got to see it up close rather than just on a piece of paper,” junior Libby Crawford said. “It’s more hands on than just labeling a diagram and taking a test over it. I actually get to see it instead of just on paper.”

Human Body Systems is a health science course used to prepare you for more advanced courses like Anatomy and Physiology, Health Science IV, and college Anatomy. 

“I took this class because hopefully in the future I will do something in the medical field and I think it will help me further understand what I’ll need to know when I go to college,” Crawford said.