JV/V Wrestling

Freshmen Angel Diaz Garcia, Arnoldo Aguilar, Broady Harper and RIcky Parga help put the mats away after the duals.

The Newton wrestling team had a dual against Derby that was held in Ravenscroft gym on Thursday night, Jan. 23.

“It was out first time we beat Derby in a long time (8 years), it was good that Rio Gomez won it for us. I was really proud of Ben Reyes because he had a really tough match and came through and won it was crazy so tough,” said Colin Bybee

Winning with a score of 40-36, the team also had gone with them to state.

“I feel like we did pretty good overall we did give up some points that we should of had, but we did pretty good as a team,” said Arnoldo Aguilar

 The next home dual is Thursday, Feb. 6 at Ravenscroft Gym and senior night for the boys.

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