TOC Finals

Schyler Entz

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German 1 Class 2/28
March 12, 2020
Senior Atlanta Lopez jumps up in a stunt.

The 57th annual Tournament of Champions (TOC) wrestling tournament was held Jan. 17-18 at the high school. A total of 32 teams wrestled at the meet, with Newton coming in eighth.

“I was really impressed with our team, everyone battled really hard. No one went out there and gave up, we really fought and made sure all the work we’ve put in this year really showed,” senior Grant Treaster said.

Throughout Friday, many wrestlers compete in a chance to advance onto finals the following day. Both Nick and Grant Treaster were the only Newton wrestlers who qualified for finals and both won first in their weight class.

“I was pretty pumped up, it was kinda a way to show how hard I’ve been working this year and it showed how I can go out there and compete,” Grant said. 

Alongside wrestling, many audience members have the chance to watch performances, like the rainiers, drumline and the cheerleaders. 

“It felt good [the cheerleaders TOC performance] to have it over but we all did super good, it was also really great that the stunts all hit,” junior Anna Harder said.