Athletic mentors give back to young athletes in their sport

Caroline Barger

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Caroline Barger

Senior Megan Akers instructs her 16 and under team at the Wichita Sports Forum on Sunday Feb. 12. She reflected on her nine years of club in order to coach tournaments.

High school student athletes have been taking time to coach kids and help them learn from their experiences. Seniors Megan Akers and Aneka Voth are taking the skills that they have acquired throughout their sports careers and giving guidance to youth.

“I decided to teach dance classes because I remember what it was like to be one of those little girls in class watching the big girls dance. Dance is my creative outlet, and I would love to help other kids find their creativity through dance,” Voth said.

While these kids are benefitting from student athletes helping them, this involvement is also beneficial to the high schoolers. By getting involved with coaching, these athletes are able to gain experience for the plans that they have for the future.

“[My favorite part of coaching is] just being able to get the experience because I would like to coach later in my life. This is a good start for my coaching career,” Akers said.

Although coaching is something that both Akers and Voth enjoy, it comes with difficulties.

“I would say the hardest thing about teaching is maintaining my patience and positivity with the little ones. I teach two and three year olds in my Tiny Tutu classes at the end of the day and it takes every bit of energy to keep a smile on my face and not snap at them for hanging on the bars or running,” Voth said.

Having exposure to the younger generation is something that both Akers and Voth advocate for.

“I definitely think more athletes should get involved with little kids. It’s also a humbling experience to work with kids,” Voth said. “Watching the kids you’re teaching get better each week and develop a passion similar to yours is one of the most gratifying experiences. I would 10/10 recommend working with kids.”