Mrs. Faythe First Hour Presentations

Kati Blaylock

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Juniors Alaijah Stokes, Jordyn Spillane, and Nicholas Antonowich give feedback on a project. The Class showcased their creations on Dec. 13.

In order to show what the class had learned throughout the unit, students in Mrs. Faythe’s first hour english class gathered in the commons to showcase their final projects. The students had to create a project over into the wild, a book the class had just finished reading.

¨It was a really good book. I didn’t think I would enjoy it, since it was written a while ago, but I really liked the story of Chris,” junior Nicholas Antonowich said.

The class had multiple class periods to create their project, which could be anything they wanted as long as it represented and conveyed certain themes that the book addressed.

“[My partner and I] decided to create a medical box with all the important things Chris had encountered. [We did this] because we wanted to be different from a regular poster,” senior Salla Haikonen said.

Many students believed that this final project was better than a standard test.

“I thought it was better than a test because we had the creativity to do what we wanted and expressed what we learned,” junior Alaijah Stokes said. “I wouldn’t mind if we kept doing projects at the end of our units.”