Parent/Teacher Conferences – October 28

Tony Lemus

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Juniors Alondra Valle and Eli Redington shake hands as Redington comes in to work the table with sophomores Daisy Buller and Jacey Yager.

Two times in a school year parents are invited along with their student to attend conferences with teachers. Students must talk to their seminar teacher for a reward of an early release on a planned date. Teachers with talk with the parent(s) and student about grades and how they are behaving in class. If visiting specific teachers, past assignments may be shown to parents to let them in on what they are going over and how the student is doing.

During conferences, a table is worked at the entrance by student council members to greet parents and students and let them know about their conference bingo and give them a map of the commons area. Another table is usually worked at the entrance. In previous conferences it was a yearbook table, but this year DECA chose to run it to sell some of their merchandise. “Usually if someone has an idea of something to sell, we will look into it and see if it’s feasible and if we could make our money back,” senior Henry Claassen said.

Cookies and lemon water were also provided for anybody leaving the building after conferences. Teachers were in the building from around 3:30 to 8:30 p.m.