Art Basics 10/30

Emily Brandt

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Junior Lourdes Moreno and Jewel Kelly work on their own personal art projects.

Art Basics is a beginners level art class that focuses on different drawing techniques and skills. On Oct. 30, students were working on various drawing assignments. Students are given different Friday Drawing assignments based on topics or objects. Sophomore Ember Student tells more about some of the drawings they’ve done, including Friday Drawings. 

“Basically she’ll give us a topic to draw about, like kindness, or put some item out, like there was this rubber rat that we were suppose to incorporate into a drawing. [Right now] we are drawing what kindness means to us. I just finished my Day of the Dead paper cutout,” Suter said. 

Suter is taking this class as a prerequisite to Ceramics, but others also take it as a stand alone art class.

“This is kinda my free hour to just do art and be calm and not stressed out,” Suter said.