Taste of Newton 2019

Sophomores Simon Hodge and Madeline Hamm posing for a picture at Taste of Newton. | Photo by Olivia Adams

Linda Shine , Yearbook Staff

Taste of Newton is annual event that our town does. Many students from Newton high performed, made and observed at taste of Newton. Railiners, Newton Performing Arts center and Bethel College Academy of Performing all performed dances at taste of newton. Sophomore Ember Suter, Kayla Wong and freshman Natalie Hedrick all danced.

“I personally didn’t like this years Taste of Newton has much as last year because of how cold it was but overall cuddling with your friends and drinking hot coco still made it fun” Wong said.

“My favorite thing about dancing at Taste of Newton is I guess all the people standing around and watching and cheering, and everyone’s just having a good time.” Suter said.

“This is my first Taste of Newton as a Railiner so I was really excited and it ended up being a really fun” Hedrick said.

The Railaires also performed at the event. They sung the National Anthem as well as many other songs that they have been working on.

“I do, I do {like singing at Taste of Newton} it’s a lot of fun performing it in that type of setting but it was very cold so it made it very har, but overall it was super fun, “senior Gretchen Otter said.

German students also sold bierocks. They made bierocks previous to the event in the cafeteria at school.

“Selling bierocks made Taste of Newton so fun this year,  because instead of sitting and watching or just walking around I got to be apart of it, it really made me feel like I was part of the community,” sophomore Madeline Duncan said.

Many of other students from NHS attended Taste of Newton to watch everyone perform, eat and chat with their friends.

“I like going to Taste of Newton because it’s fun and I get to watch my girlfriend dance, and there’s a lot of different options for food and stuff that’s fun,” junior Ian Akers said.