Chemistry Lab

Mr. Preston’s Honors Chemistry 1

Sophomore Morgan Hiebert getting something out of the drawer to help her with her experiment.

Linda Shine , Yearbook Staff

In Mr. Preston’s Honors Chemistry 1 class, the students performed a experiment that made rust on the a nail fall off on Oct. 3. Students perform labs every class (on block schedule) and create news things everyday. In pervious labs, students have used fire and many different chemicals.

“My favorite labs are the ones we get to use fire with just because they’re fun to do and the outcomes of those labs are really cool” sophomore Olivia Adams said.

Before each lab, students have to complete a pre lab, that has to have safety data and what exactly to do on it.

“I personally like write ups (pre labs) because they give me something to do and they also really help me with understanding the labs” sophomore Morgan Hiebert said.


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