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Kaete Schmidt

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Name: Bryan Hall

Workplace: Newton Police Department


Name: Bryan Hall Workplace: Newton Police Department

“I command support services. So, I am in charge of training all of the officers to make sure that training and compliances are all up-to-date on everything. (I work with) non-sworn staff, parking control, animal control and typically school resource officers. The SWAT team is under my command. And then I am in charge of grant emergent technology and crime analysis. I am also the head of home and security SWAT coordinator for the 19th county region. The last three years I have either been working or in class.”

What impact do you hope to make in the future?:
“Currently I’m working with the community for racial justice trying to bring up these conversations about law enforcement and how they’re seen dealing with the community and how they’re viewed by the communities of color and how we can work on a common language in a way to bridge that divide… trying to create an environment where people feel equally served by law enforcement and law enforcement isn’t being threatened and people in the community don’t feel they are being threatened by law enforcement.”