Football hosts first Railer Night Lights

Elly Green

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Originating from the term “Friday Night Lights,” this year the football teams plan to host Railer Night Lights at Fisher Field on Aug. 23. Players from the second grade to high school level will take the field to scrimmage, get introduced and warm up, providing an atmosphere for community members to bond.

The idea for the event came from watching other schools successfully hold the event. Head football coach Chris Jaax said that he believes everybody is anticipating the event. 

“The youth programs are excited about it, administration is excited about it and our kids are working hard for it,” Jaax said. 

Not only will high school players have the chance to be role models for younger participants, but senior Kolyn Sauceda expects the event to prepare the team for this season.

“I think it’s benefiting us a lot, like the atmosphere and all the people there, it’s just like a real game. And, it’s going to show us the flaws that we need to work on,” Sauceda said.

With help from administrators, students and families of Newton, as well as food vendors, Jaax said he expects Railer Night Lights to be a chance to strengthen the community.

“It’s [Railer Night Lights] just a way to strengthen the community, to be a sports team. It’s just recognition of supporting and building relationships with the players and the families, just all throughout the program,” Jaax said. 

Admission to the event is free, with the scrimmages starting 5:30 p.m. for the youngest group of players.

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