Pops & Jazz 5/11

Emily Brandt

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Members of the Railaires sing and dance together on stage.

Pops and Jazz was held on May 11 and consisted of the Railaires, Jazz 1 and 2, as well as the Chisholm Middle School Jazz Band. For the past several years, Pops and Jazz has been directed by Donna and Keith Woolery. After their retirement last year, band teacher Greg Bergman took over.

Junior Michael Smith explains some of the differences from the past years.

“It was a lot shorter than last year and it was a lot more fun than last year. I feel like the jazz is still really good, there’s less motivation to do things without the Woolery’s, but it was still really fun,” Smith said.

As a first timer in Railaires, senior Lorelei Jacobs explains her experience.

“I was never in pops and jazz before this year, this year was my first year, but I think it was different because you had Railaires who’s a show choir, so there was more dancing and more outfit changes, whereas pops and jazz in previous years was more focused on the singing. This year we collaborated more with the jazz band,” Jacobs said.

The Railaires and Jazz band have been preparing for this performance for weeks.