Engineering Students Present Toy Cars – May 8

Tony Lemus

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Clark smiles after he moves forward for the first time.

Engineering student this year decided to build toy cars for children with disabilities. The idea of this was children under the age of five with developmental disabilities have limited mobility so the students would give them a form of more mobility. Mobility can help brain development, motor skills, learning capabilities, cognition, language, socialization, and confidence. The students deemed this worthy to work for.

“We started at the beginning of the year,” junior Jason Henrich said. “We just finished about two days before this.”

To ensure the cars would be best suited for the kids, the cars went through some tests.

“We tested the buttons. We tested the wiring. We tried different wiring and different things we could do to help the kid,” Henrich said.

Other tests included seat belt lengths and tightness, if the child could reach the handlebars or buttons, how close the foot pedal is and if the child could turn while pressing buttons.

Another thing to help construct the cars to be comfortable for the kids, some of the kids came in for extra testing months before the final reveal.

“He [Clark] did come in so we could see what we could do to help him, so he got to check it out,” Henrich said. “I think it was maybe November when he came in. “