Varsity Soccer

Scanning the field, sophomore Aketzali Soloro looks for an open teammate

Kati Blaylock, Railroader Staff Member

The varsity girls soccer team hosted the Hutchinson Salthawks on May 2. The team lost 1-3

“I was so nervous because I had to play goalie but I gave my best effort out there,” sophomore Aketzali Solorio said. ‘Even though we lost, I helped the team out as best as I could.”

The Salthawks were the first to score with 5:45 minutes left in the first half.

“I felt like we were still having a good game, I feel like if we had our heads down we wouldn’t have worked together as much,” junior Abigail Jackson said. “We just had to keep our heads up and keep going.”

The railers were down 0-1 at the start of the second half.

“At half I thought we were doing really good, we had our heads up and I felt like we needed to talk a little bit more,” Jackson said.

The first Newton goal was scored by freshman Analiyah Torres with 33 minutes left in the second half, making the score 1-2.

¨I felt so happy because playing a position [striker] that I never played before, I came out and I scored.” Torres said. “It just showed that I had the ability to do that, it was just all in my head.¨

Since this was the last home game, all the senior girls were announced with their parents before the start of the game.

¨To me I won’t be sad, like it won’t hit me until the last game,¨ senior Kirsten Shoemaker said. “The last home game was definitely sad though.”

The Railers will travel to Haysville on May 6 to face the Campus Colts.

¨Communication is key. We really need to communicate and just connect the ball and talk,” Shoemaker said.