Market Day

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German 1 Class 2/28
March 12, 2020
Sophomore Kenzi Gillispie takes senior Erin Harringtons money.

The second market day of the year was on May 1 in the commons. The students had a table with different varieties of food during all 3 lunches. The students took time to prepare and figure out what they wanted to sell and how they were going to market it.

“I had to figure out something that would sell a lot, but I could make easily. Once I figured out what I was making I established prices that I would make a good profit off of,” sophomore Kenzi Gillispie said. “I researched my materials and planned it out to make enough that reached a goal of how much money I wanted to make. Then I marketed everything and made it”

The fall and spring market days have different advantages, during the fall market day they go to a grocery shop together so they can pick up their ingredients and anything else they need. The spring market day they have had the experience of doing a market day so they know what would sell and what wouldn’t.

“This market day I felt more prepared, and I made something that was less time consuming. I would say that both market days were very successful, but this market day was less stressful,” Gillispie said.