Day on the Farm

Atlanta Lopez

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May 13, 2019

On May 1, students in Agriculture prepare and set up for their station for a “Day on the Farm”. The “Day on the Farm” was held on teacher Paxton Trembley’s farm. The students participating in this event brought in different types of animals of their choose and created a station and poster of facts about their animals.

“I feel like people usually take like cows and horses so I wanted to take something different so I took my bunny and my friends bunnies and bunnies are kind of cute, kids like cute fluffy animals,” said junior Lindsey Voth.

The Agriculture students prepared to talk and teach about the animals they brought to Walton Elementary students. Walton brought each grade at a different time throughout the day and rotated through stations. The “Day on the Farm” lasted from 8:15 until 2.

“I’m excited to see all the other animals and see how the kids react to my rabbits. I think they’ll think they’re cute until they pick them up because they’re probably going to scratch them and then they won’t like them,” said Voth.

Students brought different variations of animals to the “Day on the Farm”including chickens, bunnies, and horses. The Agriculture class holds this event every year to show and teach the younger students about animals.