Blast from the past: old trends making comebacks

  • Flannels – These trendy “staple pieces” were thought to be a thing of the past. Today they can be found featured on fashion runways.
  • Joggers – The cinched chino pants appeared in the 90s and never really went away. Now larger brands like Nike are selling their take on them.
  • Parachute pants – The pants your parents most likely purchased because of MC Hammer’s single “U Can’t Touch This” can now be considered high fashion.
  • High-rise jeans/shorts – They were the “mom jeans” of the 1980s and 90s. They can now be found combined with the popular skinny jeans.
  • Slow Rap you can understand – Biz Markie, Young MC, and Sugar Hill Gang were rappers with intelligible songs. You can see this in today’s songs by artists like Drake and Chance The Rapper.
  • Country’s twang – Hillbilly roots and twang used to be the defining characteristics of country music. Artists like Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert are starting to bring these characteristics back.
  • Rock – In the 90s it could be described as grunge, alternative rock. Then came the pop rock ‘Nickelback’ genre. Today rock reverts back to the alternative style of the 90s.
Designer Trends
  • Pastels – Pastel-painted rooms used to be found in outdated 90s-style bathrooms. No longer a trend of the past, these paint colors are considered a spring color must.
  • All-white rooms – The minimalistic design that gained popularity during the 90’s is now back in style.
  • Floral Print – The print first made its way into trends during the 90’s, and now the oversized watercolor flowers are considered chic once again.
Social Issues
  • Racial Issues – When schools desegregated we shared the love and unity of the 70s and things were good. But now, the “Black Lives Matter” movement has taken the world by storm.
  • Good Cop-Bad Cop – In the 60s the police force was put on heat with the help of televisions in the American household. Cops are again on heat and even the good ones, are in fear of their lives
  • Feminism – Women and men alike are taking a stronger stance again on issues like equal pay, sexism and the handling of sexual assault cases.
TV Shows
  • Boy meets world/Girl meets world – Cory and Topanga’s love story continues, this time with the addition of their daughter.
  • Gilmore Girls – The revival of this classic show had the internet buzzing over Rory and Lorelei’s return to the small screen, this time as a Netflix original.
  • MacGyver – Now our generation can learn about the millions of ways duct tape can be used as well.
  • Hawaii 5-0 – While the second coming of the show may be new, the iconic theme song can be recognized by young and old alike.