Prom Building 4/12

Emily Brandt

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Juniors Jada Smith and Kimberly Witterick work together to hang up streamers.

The process of prom building began in mid March, but planning began months before that.

“We first have to decide what the theme is going to be, once you get your theme you start thinking of decorations and sort of the layout of the gymnasium and what you want it to look like overall. Then, you show up to prom building and Mrs. Swanson has everything set out, and you just help put those together and set up prom,” junior Eli Blaufuss said.

English teacher Shanda Swanson was the sponsor for the prom committee, along with principal Lisa Moore. The junior StuCo class makes up the prom committee itself and makes the majority of the committee.

“A lot of [the decorations] are from past proms. Things that were in storage that you repurpose and reuse, paint over them again and redecorate. And other stuff is stuff that has been provided,” Blaufuss said.

Blaufuss explains the fun they had while building prom.

“[I enjoyed] just the people that were there. You could just talk to them and have fun while you build stuff,” Blaufuss said.