2nd Hour Biology Bacteria Lab – April 4

Asha Regier

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Sophomore Zachary Ryan places the chemical tube in the holder.

On April 4, 2nd hour biology class tested out a new lab with teacher Mr. Williams. The lab was a chance to experiment with bacteria and grow new bacteria with temperature changes. The lab was only done by this class as a way for Mr. Williams to test out curriculum.

“I enjoyed doing the lab because it was interactive and we got to do everything on our own,” sophomore Libby Crawford said. “It was different from other labs we do.”

The students were put into groups of three or four and given instructions on how to complete the lab. Each student was given a dish of bacteria that they then mixed with two different chemicals and put in hot water, immediately transferring to cold water.

“The lab was kind of confusing because there were a lot of steps” Crawford said. “It was still fun though because it got us out of our desks and doing things.”

The class left the bacteria at school over the weekend to allow time for the bacteria to grow and develop fully before analyzing it.

“We haven’t gotten to see the bacteria yet.” Crawford said. “We’ll get to see it for the first time next class.”