Plant and Animal Science

Sophomore Keaton Benedick uses the blue water to practice the intramuscular injection.

During their Veterinary Science unit, 7th hour Plant and Animal Science practiced sutures and injections on Thursday, April 4.

Plant and Animal students used an orange to practice intramuscular, intravenous, and subcutaneous injections. These injections are commonly used in vaccines and animal medicine. Students also used a banana to practice continuous sutures.

“We took needles and stuck them through our banana after cutting it, and proceeded to put stitches in the banana to close the cut, like you would on an animal. We also injected oranges with blue, green, and red colored water. Each color stood for a different type of injection,” sophomore Keaton Benedick said.

Instead of just learning about sutures and injections students practiced them to use their hands on skills so that they can use it later on in the animal health industry.

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