Prom Building 2019

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Talent Show 2019
May 13, 2019
Junior Chandlor Buffalo carries a pillar to the other side of the floor.

Since the beginning of April, juniors in the prom committee and Principal Lisa Moore have set up multiple decorations in Ravenscroft Gym for the Viva Las Vegas themed prom on April 13. The decorations consisted of black wooden boards, black and red polyester curtains, a cardboard eiffel tower, and an arch consisting of playing cards. On Thursday, April 11 prom building was from 7-9 in the afternoon and on Friday, April 12 prom building took place all throughout the day.

Junior Anisa Hamidovic admits that the process of getting the curtains onto the border was tedious.

Definitely the painting part or the boards and then the stapling of all the polyester onto the boards,” Hamidovic said.

On the nights of April 11 and 12, juniors worked to light up the eiffel tower, arrange the tables and paint the dance floor. Junior Kimberley Witterick admits that nothing was really easy to make.

“The hardest part is putting everything together afterwards,” Witterick said. “Nothing was really easy but I did enjoy painting the boards.”

Luckily, there was little debate over deciding the theme for prom this year. Witterick hopes that next year’s prom will be just as successful as this year.

It’s definitely going to be something new and I’m looking forward to it and I’m hoping next year’s prom is going to be just as fun as this year,” Witterick said.