Chemistry Lab

Atlanta Lopez

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May 13, 2019
Carefully, junior Reagan Moe pours a chemical into a beaker.
On Apr. 3, Mr. Knoll’s chemistry class put together an experiment. The purpose of the lab was to create different smells by putting together different types of alcohols and chemicals. The students were given a variety of options of different kinds of smells to choose from such as bananas, cherries and more.
“My favorite part about that lab was how you got to make whatever smell you wanted to make. My group picked Ling Ling. Back in the olden days, it was like a perfume and men were attracted to it. It’s similar to Chanel number 5,” junior Reagan Moe.
Putting together the lab involved multiple steps. Students worked together in their lab groups of 3-4 to make the lab setup. Then, the students were able to choose what smell they wanted to create. They then were given different types of chemicals and alcohols to mix together. After waiting 10 minutes, the students were able to smell the substance that they had chosen to make.
“The lab wasn’t that hard. We just put together and tested different chemicals and esters in the lab to create different smells. There were smells like pineapple, banana, apples and like a bunch of fruits mixed together,” said junior Priscilla Araujo.
The chemistry class does different types of labs throughout the year, including making their own lab equipment that they use for the rest of the year and making different substances and objects such as soap.