Prom Building

Juniors Eli Blaufuss and Grant Treaster focus on stapling the plastic to the boards.

A few weeks before prom, the prom committee and Mrs. Moore create dates for the junior class to help build the prom decorations. There were 12 total nights set. On April 8 the curtains that are hung around the gym were assembled in the wrestling room.

“The boards around the outside because it was a really long process trying to get everything on the outside of the border sometimes the boards were kind of old and they were starting to  wear down and some were falling apart so we had to come in and restable the boards together and that required a long different staple to reach the board through the boards other than just get to the boards so you know it was about a five layer step that had to all go in a certain order,” junior Grant Treaster said.

The prom committee decided on the theme of Viva Las Vegas. The committee thought of all the different themes from the past to make sure they weren’t repeating any and they thought of color schemes.

“There wasn’t any debate or heated topics[over deciding the theme] and everything was basically laid out perfectly and compromise,” Treaster said.

On most nights there was painting, cutting boards, or assembling different things together.

“On build nights we normally at first just painted things and decorated things and then basically from there we’d get everything painted black or red or gold or you know whatever we were painting we went in and started putting everything together,” Treaster said.      

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