7th Hour Fashion Studios Class – March 28

Sophomore Aaron Popp rips the seams on his green fabric.

Asha Regier, Railroader Staffer

A variety of electives are offered here at the high school, and fashion studio 1, 2, 3, and 4 are only a small portion of them. Run by family studies, FACS, and human growth and development teacher, Molly Schauf, the class teaches students a variety of skills to help them later in life. Being a popular class for lots of students, sophomore Marah Zenner tells about her experiences in Fashion Studios.

“I love how relaxed it [fashion studios] is and we can work at our own pace.” Zenner said, “And we get to make whatever we want under the requirements.”

The students are taught how to sew using sewing machines provided by the school, as well as basic sewing techniques. Because the students are allowed to create whatever they please, a variety of designs and creations come from Schauf’s room everyday such as PJ pants, scrunchies and even aprons.

“[My favorite thing I’ve ever made is] the one I’m making right now, a onesie.” Zenner said, “It’s cool to see how you can put all the parts together, and with other projects I’ve done before it’s all just one piece of fabric, but with this I have to put like the sleeves on and I’ve never done that before.”

Zenner says that the skills taught and learned in Fashion Studios are skills that will help you the rest of your life.

“I would definitely recommend this class.” Zenner said. “You can use these skills the rest of your life really anywhere.