Spanish Four Cooking Hour

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Talent Show 2019
May 13, 2019
Junior Kimberly Witterick slices tomatoes during 7th hour spanish class for their food day.

All five spanish classes were in the culinary arts kitchen on Thursday, March 28 cooking foods from different countries in order to understand their culture better. The spanish four class made fried, flour tacos during seventh hour. After frying the tacos they added topping such as salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. For a beverage, spanish teacher Cheryl Loeffler brought a box full of different flavored jarritos for the class to share.

Junior Kimberly Witterick had been waiting since freshman year for another food day. She admits that she enjoys food days because she gets to learn more about the country they are studying.

“I think it is a great experience, because outside of us learning about other countries we get to make their food so we get to learn more about their culture,” Witterick said.

Loeffler had to cook with four other spanish classes making foods such as chilaquiles and tostones. She admits that while it may sometimes be stressful, as long as people bring their things it is not that bad.

“It’s so different than class,” Loeffler said. “I like it cause I can talk to people more so I get to know them that way.”

While Loeffler enjoys food days, she does wish that the language departments had an easier access to the kitchen.

“I wish we had a kitchen back in the world language department because then all of us could do more and we wouldn’t have to share”